What sets the Schmitt-Thompson content apart?

The “Gold Standard”
Its predominant use in the medical call center industry has established the Schmitt-Thompson content as the standard for telephone care.

Comprehensive Works

  • The Standard After Hours protocols cover 99+% of all symptom calls.
  • Compatible content sets span the continuum of need: for After Hours (used by call center nurses), Office Hours (used in practices and clinics).

Efficient by Design

  • The topic areas are split into discrete triage protocols that address specific patient complaints. This structure allows for shorter protocols and call times.
  • Concise protocols translate to time and cost-efficient triage calls.

Currency. Keeping Content Up-to-Date

  • The physicians review and update the existing topics on a yearly basis.  The review includes input from users (nurses and physicians), statistical evidence (research) and medical evidence (literature review), and feedback from a broad panel of reviewers.
  • Approximately 10 new protocols are developed each year, using an evidenced-based and referenced process.  Each topic is tested rigorously in key call centers before general release.

Author Responsiveness

  • Doctors Schmitt and Thompson are dedicated to providing urgent updates on a timely basis. They remain available to the medical director and nursing director for any questions about the clinical content.