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Health Navigator is a comprehensive clinical vocabulary and decision-support system designed to support digital health and telemedicine encounters – from the presenting chief complaint to the final diagnosis. The platform includes a broad range of tools for capturing the chief complaint through natural language processing, presenting a documentation checklist to consumers and healthcare providers, generating a list of possible causes, and making recommendations for seeking care. Health Navigator’s tools can be used to develop artificial intelligence, symptom checker, health bot, consumer engagement, and telehealth applications. All content is delivered via a well-documented application programming interface (API; RESTful web service). Health Navigator can provide solutions for digital health, telemedicine, insurers, medical call centers, electronic health record companies, answering services, and healthcare systems. www.healthnavigator.com

Self Care Decisions offers a consumer version of the STCC telephone triage guidelines, written at the 6th grade literacy level. This symptom checker helps people determine how sick they are (or their children are) and whether or not they need to be seen by a provider. This trusted, self-service tool is available in a variety of formats: website offerings, within mobile applications or as an API (for organizations that wish to configure it themselves). Self Care Decisions’ web and mobile applications use the symptom checker as an engine to connect consumers to the right level of care: physicians, urgent care, ERs or telemedicine services. http://www.selfcare.info/

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