Office Hours

Triage Protocols • Office Hours

This is the electronic version of the popular Office Hours books (Pediatric Telephone Protocols and Adult Telephone Protocols) used by more than 10,000 physician practices.  The condensed structure and format expedites handling day-to-day calls from parents and patients.


The set contains:

  • 183 adult topics
  • 236 pediatric topics

Each protocol is structured to include:

  • Symptom Definition
  • Initial Assessment Questions
  • Triage Assessment Questions
  • Home Care Advice
  • Background Information
  • First Aid (if appropriate)
  • References


Typical clients: physician offices and clinics; staff-model health plans; health systems whose call centers provide daytime coverage of calls for patient populations; medical groups seeking to standardize the treatment and advice across affiliated practices; EMR vendors; medical call center software vendors.