Content Integrators

Content Integrators

The advantage of working with Schmitt-Thompson goes beyond our brand recognition and industry dominance. Our decision support content is the most comprehensive available: researched, evidence-based, time-tested and efficient. The content versions span the needs of  Physician Offices, Hospitals & Health Systems, Health Plans and Government – offering consistency of decision-support and advice at every access point.

If your end-users are:

Physicians: they rely on the office and after-hours protocols to support and standardize decision making. Putting these content sets on Physician Portals and Mobile Devices gives them instant, convenient access and saves them having to purchase the books and/or applications separately.

Health Systems: they are pursuing enterprise systems to create a centralized, complete patient record and also standardize decision support. The Schmitt-Thompson protocols support telephone encounters, priority based scheduling, and consistent care advice.

Consumers, Patients and Plan Members: they are seeking decision-support and advice for everyday symptoms and illnesses. Whether such assistance is on your organization’s public website or secure Patient Portal, patients and consumers will use triage content to understand when to call their provider vs. which minor symptoms can be managed safely at home.

EMR, EHR, CRM and Patient Engagement Product Vendors

EMR, EMPI and EHR solutions support quick, accurate identification of a patient and deliver his/her complete health record to the point of care. For providers, that complete record needs to include telephone encounters.

Incorporating the Schmitt-Thompson protocols strengthens your system’s Clinical Decision Support for use by physicians, office staff and after-hours triage nurses. It:

  • Offers symptom-based assessment support for use in phone encounters
  • Decreases risk by standardizing information and response to patient calls
  • Supports priority-based patient scheduling versus first-come, first served
  • Creates a complete record of all encounters

Incorporating a triage function or module to your EMR/EHR, CRM or Patient Engagement platform extends documentation to include telephone interactions and adds value to your core product.

The Office Hours protocols, are currently used in book format by more than 10,000 physician practices to support their front office. Integrating the protocols with the EMR supports capturing valuable pre-visit information, making the physician-patient encounter efficient and documentation more complete. It reduces risk through supporting consistent handling of calls and priority-based patient scheduling.