How To License Content

Content can be licensed in a variety of manners depending upon your organization and your needs. Medical Call Centers, whether stand-alone or health system based, assist callers in determining the appropriate action to take based upon their symptoms. Most medical call centers that operate 24 x 7 license the After Hours protocols.

Providers have relied upon symptom-based protocols for managing telephone care for more than twenty years. TheOffice Hours protocols were designed for use by office/clinic nurses or physicians who manage daytime calls. The condensed structure and format expedites navigation and call processing in handling day-to-day calls from parents and patients.

Content Integrators within the information technology departments of electronic medical record companies, billing or appointment scheduling companies, may license either the After Hours or Office Hours content for integration into their product. This is extremely beneficial to the triage workflow as it minimizes the number of software applications required by a triage nurse.