Symptom Checker

These self-care guides are written for use by consumers: patients, parents of sick children, health plan subscribers and community members. Symptom Checker is designed specifically for use on websites and patient portals. All guides are available in both English and Spanish.

The set contains:

  • 81 adult care guides
  • 103 pediatric care guides
  • 159 supplemental photographs

Each care guide is structured to include:

  • A Symptom Definition including symptoms, causes, safe return to school/work
  • Supplemental photos and images to support symptom visualization 
  • Decision Chart
  • Home Care Advice
  • References
  • Search Words

The content also includes a CSS (cascading style sheet) to support content framing.


Worthy of Note

In a survey of patients and parents who were given access to our Symptom Checker on their provider’s website:

  • 52% indicated the self care guides helped them avoid calling the doctor
  • 23% stated the guides helped them avoid referencing a book or Internet
  • 97% stated the home care advice was clear
  • 99% indicated they would use the Symptom Checker content again

Typical clients:  hospital and physician practice webmasters; health plan subscriber websites; patient and consumer portal developers; healthcare website developers; medical call centers (to offload low-acuity calls).


Content Samples
Click on the images below to download sample topics.
Adult Symptom Checker:
Eye, Chemical In
Eye, Chemical In
Pediatric Symptom Checker: Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy
Distributed by a subsidiary,
Self Care Decisions.